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iFilm Mission

At iFilm, our mission is to empower underserved minorities by providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to create and develop the art of cinema. Through our programs and resources, we strive to level the playing field in the film industry and give a voice to those who have been historically marginalized. By nurturing a diverse community of filmmakers and storytellers, we seek to inspire change, promote empathy, and bring untold stories to the forefront of cinema. 

Adult Apprenticeship Program (ages 21+)
  • 25-50 adults / year
  • General Construction and Below The Line training
  • 4 years = 200 graduates
  • Vocational training for immediate hire
Young Adult Apprenticeship Program (under 20)
  • 25-50 young adult / year
  • Cinema Education
  • 4 years = 200 graduates
  • 1/3 graduates expected to be accepted college
  • 2/3 graduates complete vocational training, eligible to work on local productions


Film Development

From screenwriting to editing, learn how to work on a professional film set

Set Design

Learn how to design and build sets for movies, tv shows, podcasts, and more

Materials & Equipment

Learn skills and how to use industry standard equipment and software

On the job training and professional development